Dual Enrollment

Contact Ashley Stover at ashley.stover@gilmerschools.com or at 706-276-5080 for more information or with questions. IMPORTANT: If you are considering dual enrollment, request that SAT & ACT scores be sent to the college when you register to take the test. It is FREE to have the score reports sent if requested when you register for the test.
  • Use GAfutures to apply to colleges for dual enrollment.
  • GAfutures is where you will complete the funding application each semester.
  • When you set up your GA Futures account, do not use your school email.

Dual Enrollment

 Georgia Department of Education

How Do I Apply For Dual Enrollment


NEW STUDENTS See Mrs. Stover to schedule a meeting with you and your parent/guardian to discuss the details of the program. 

RETURNING STUDENTS You will meet with Mrs. Stover each semester to discuss your plans for the next semester.

Step 1: Confirm your GPA (see Mrs. Stover), test scores (SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer), and age eligibility requirements. 

Step 2: Update or create a GAfutures account to apply to the college(s) you plan to attend.

You will need your Georgia Testing Identification (GTID) number to create your account. You may see Mrs. Stover to obtain your GTID.
Make sure the email address in your GAfutures profile is one you check regularly. School email will not work, as your school email will not accept external mail.
Make sure your first, middle, last name, DOB, and SSN are entered correctly.
Step 3: Submit your college application for admission through GAfutures.

Log on to GAfutures.org and click on College Planning. Click on College Applications. 
In the Keyword search box, type the name of your college and click GO. Click on Apply and complete all sections of the application.
When you select the application type, make sure you select Move On When Ready, Joint/ACCEL, or Dual Enrollment. 
Once you complete the application, DO NOT enter debit or credit card information, as the application fee is waived for dual enrollment students. The application will submit without payment even though you will receive a message saying the application was not submitted.
Step 4: Submit a transcript request through GAfutures

Complete this step immediately after you have submitted your application for admission. Click on College Planning, then on High School Transcripts. 
Select your college from teh drop down box and complete the remainder of the form. Click send.
Counselors check GAfutures daily for transcript requests. There is an estimated 72 hour turnaround for requests to be filled. Do not request your transcript until you have submitted your college application for admission.
Printed Application
Student Participation Agreement (I will scan and email this for you.)
Proof of Lawful Presence (example: Driver's License or Learner's Permit)
Immunization Record
Step 5: Submit your official SAT or ACT test scores through the testing agency.

If you have already taken the SAT or ACT and did not already have your scores sent to the college you applied to for DE, you must request the scores directly from the testing agency. Click here to request SAT scores and here to request ACT scores. 
You should take the SAT/ACT in plenty of time to meet application deadlines. Test scores are available approximately three weeks after the test date.
Dalton State and UNG both offer the Institutional ACT, which is good for admission to these schools only. If you take the Institutional ACT at Dalton State, those scores are only good for admission to Dalton State. See the school websites for testing dates. You must have already applied to these school to be eligible to take the Institutional ACT.
Step 6: Submit immunization forms to the college.

Go to the college website and search for immunization forms. You can print and take the form to your doctor or the health department to be completed.
Step 7: Submit verification of lawful presence. A valid Georgia Driver's or Learner's License will satisfy this requirement. When you take your immunization forms to the college, present your license for verfication of lawful presence. The college will photocopy your license and this step will be complete.

Step 8: Complete the Dual Enrollment Funding Application through your GAfutures account.

On your GAfutures home page under News You Can Use, Trending, Click on Shortcuts, then click on Dual Enrollment Funding Application. 
Scroll down and click on Application Procedure adn deadline. Click on the blue APPLY NOW button. Complete the application and submit. 
This form will be used to approve the funding of your tuition. This application must be completed each semester you are enrolled in college.
Step 9: Submit the Student Participation Agreement (Dual Enrollment Contract). Mrs. Stover will provide you a copy of this contract. This is the application Mrs. Stover will use to approve your schedule. This contract must be signed by both parent and student and returned to Mrs. Stover before your schedule of classes can be approved. 

Step 10: Register for your classes with the college. You must bring a copy of your DE schedule to Mrs. Stover.