DDS Update for Learner's or Driver's License

DDS Update for Learner's Permit or Driver's License
Posted on 05/14/2020
Another update from DDS worth reading. This update is for any student seeking a Learner’s Permit or Driver’s License, AND any student who recently obtained their Driver’s License online without taking their road test. Please note that required documents do not require school involvement at this time, as everything can be accessed at home. 
For All:
Each student will need to provide proof of school enrollment, and can do so by printing a copy of their report card. This can be done by accessing Infinite Campus and then going to Documents. A Semester One Report Card will suffice until we complete the current semester. 
For Driver’s License:
1. ADAP is currently being waived, but should a student have a copy DDS will document receipt of it, if it is provided. 
2. Driver's Education certificates (Driver's Ed only applies to those students under the age of 17).
All documents are acceptable by copy and not requiring original signatures at this time.  
Additional Information:
All Georgia residents who elected to receive a class C or D license will be required to successfully complete a road test prior to 9/30/2020 in order to keep their most recently issued license.  
Each person will schedule an appointment for a road test, fill in the online application, bring all school documents and certified birth certificate along with a current insurance card on the vehicle they are using to test.  All offices are offering road tests during normal business hours.  Also, beginning in June DDS will provide road test appointments on each Monday in specific locations such as Calhoun, Canton, Dalton, and Gainesville in order to further assist customers requiring a road test.  
Website is DDS.Georgia.Gov ~ and DDS encourages each student or parent to quickly get the application completed and appointment scheduled to avoid any delays.  Any student who has a learner's permit (class CP) should follow the same set of guidelines.