GaFutures Account Set-Up & Finding your HOPE GPA

Need to set-up your Gafutures Account? You came to the right place!

1. Log on to
2. Click on My GAfutures.
3. Click on Profile. 4. Scroll down to Profile and make any necessary changes or updates. Please make sure your profile contains your first, middle and last name; DOB, Social Security Number and correct address. 5. Please update your email address with an address you check often. Your address will not allow external emails, so please choose an email address other than your school email. 6. Once you have entered or corrected all information on that page, scroll down and check the Terms of Use acknowledgement and click Save Profile.

Your profile is now up to date and ready to use!

Below are the steps for looking up your HOPE GPA on Gafutures:

1. Log on to
2. Click "My Gafutures" at the top
3. On the left, you will see green boxes. Click the one titled, "My HOPE GPA"
4. Here, you will find your current HOPE GPA